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COMAH Strategic Forum


This is the web community for the COMAH Strategic Forum (CSF) - the high level joint chemical industry and regulator forum working to improve major accident hazard management and raise standards across industry.

The community’s primary audience will be those who operate establishments covered by the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH), but the information provided will be of interest and use to all those involved in the processing and storage of chemicals.

Here you will find information, news and reports developed by the forum and its working groups. It is made available to promote engagement and improve access to information, guidance and support for COMAH and other businesses on the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances.

CSFweb is fully open – you do not need to register but please follow the links below to sign up for automatic updates and news.


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You may find the following links useful:

 HSE COMAH website[1]

 COMAH 2015 Regulations[2]

 COMAH Regulations Guidance

Looking for something particular? Click here [5]to search within the CSF community website. 

CDOIF have recently published new guidance document Preparing for a Flood - Guidance and Best Practice [5]


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  • Hazards 30 Process Safety Conference
    Hazards 30 will explore every major aspect of process safety. Join us to stay up to date with process safety good practice, discover new techniques and approaches, and explore lessons learned from past incidents and near-misses. You'll also have an opportunity to network with 300+ other process safety professionals. Hazards is an international, industry-focused event and attracts practitioners from all over the world. The call for papers for Hazards 30 is open until 27 September 2019. Abstracts are welcomed from anyone who can provide insight into latest research, lessons learned, or good practice in process safety. We're particularly keen to hear how process safety is being implemented in industry at an operational level, and about research projects that bridge industry and academia. Lessons learned from incidents or near-misses are always well-received, as are success stories demonstrating how good process safety practice has delivered tangible, positive results.
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