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Letter from CSF Chair

Message from Ken Rivers, Chair of the COMAH Strategic Forum



The COMAH Strategic Forum is a high level joint chemical industry and regulator forum working to improve major accident hazard management and raise standards and performance across industry.

Our aim is to encourage a thriving, sustainable and safe industrial sector with a regulatory regime that supports business growth, high standards and strong compliance. We want good risk management to be seen as good business, and the principles of process safety leadership to be embedded in the way businesses manage major hazard risks. We see confidence being underpinned by greater transparency in public reporting and shared learning and where regulators provide clarity on standards and expectations, are consistent and proportionate and take account of businesses’ performance in managing risks when determining interventions.

The Forum has established some clear goals for 2020 and we have already initiated work in key areas including process safety leadership and performance reporting.

Leadership is essential to the delivery. Over the last ten years, the leadership principles and practices have been honed and tested. They have shown their value and are now ready to share more widely. They have been forged out of painful learning from major incidents in the oil and chemicals sectors. The Principles of Process Safety Leadership are underwritten by these industry sectors and by the regulators and are a prime example of collaboration to “Help Great Britain to work well”. The opportunity is now there for everyone to use them!

More broadly, what stands out are challenges to convert ‘good practice’ into ‘common practice’, and to leverage the activities of the many players to better effect. This means reaching out to connect and engage with all those managing major hazards in the UK, whether in COMAH or not, and to create opportunities for connecting, learning and improving practices, standards and performance.

Our purpose is “Helping Great Britain manage major hazards well”. We can all play a role so please become part of this coalition that we are building and which is essential to delivering success.

We hope you will become part of this growing community,

Best regards

Ken Rivers

Chair, COMAH Strategic Forum

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