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CDOIF - Process Safety

Working Groups


PSLG Report - Application of PSLG Final Progress Report to Other Sectors

The PSLG Final Report understandably had as its primary focus the raising of standards in bulk gasoline storage in in-scope tanks fed by pipeline. However during the regulator and cross-industry working group process that led to the report, a wide range of process safety guidelines were identified that apply across industry - however, the form of the PSLG report means that a large portion of industry outside oils and fuels would probably not be aware of and apply it to their businesses.

Lead: Mr Phil Scott - Chemical Industries Association

PSLG Report - Hazard Awareness During Tanker Loading Operations

On the 25th June 2010, HSE held a workshop to discuss with operators and trade associations recent incidents involving the loss of containment of petroleum products during tanker filling operations at terminal loading racks.  In summary, the incidents reported highlighted concerns over three key aspects of filling operations, these are:

Lead: Mr Peter Davidson - United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)


Leak Detection Working Group

The final report of the Process Safety Leadership Groups (PSLG) safety and Environmental standards for fuel storage sites was published in December 2009. The Major Incident Investigation Board (MIIB) report recommendation 13 stated: ‘Operators of Buncefield-type sites should employ measures to detect hazardous conditions arising from loss of primary containment, including the presence of high levels of flammable vapours in secondary containment. Operators should without delay undertake an evaluation to identify suitable and appropriate measures.

Lead: Mr Peter Davidson - United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)


Human Factors Improvement Techniques

CDOIF recently published a guideline on Human Factors review of procedures.  The guideline provides a simple assessment framework and example tools to identify any potential gaps in controls, however it stops short of providing information relating to:

·         Methodology for prioritisation of Safety Critical Tasks

·         Analysis of results from task analysis

·         Structure of procedures

The existing CDOIF Publication Human Factors Review of Procedures will be updated to align with the HSE’s Human Factors Roadmap and Delivery Guide, and incorporate the activities listed above.  Publication and release will be announced via the What's New section of the CSF website.


Installed Safety Instrumented Systems

Following discussions with industry through Trade Associations and recent conferences/seminars it has been highlighted that further information would be beneficial to better understand the management of installed Safety Instrumented Systems.   The guidance is intended to assist operators with this process and also set a common approach that can be mutually agreed between the CA and duty holders.