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Process Safety Forum Homepage

About the Process Safety Forum

Major incidents in industries regulated under major hazards legislation continue to occur.  These incidents provide a wealth of learning opportunities that are beneficial to any industry concerned with the challenges of managing low frequency/high consequence events.

Aims of Forum

The Process Safety Forum was set-up to provide a platform whereby initiatives, best practice, lessons from incidents and process safety strategy can be distilled and shared across sectors; to influence our stakeholders (including the Regulator); and to drive the process safety management performance agenda. The Forum may, from time to time, make recommendations to industry via the member associations on directions of travel that would likely benefit all sectors.


·       A shared understanding of the current initiatives in place and immediate future plans in all sectors on process safety;

·       Identification of barriers to sharing of best practice and incident learning in sectors, and facilitating the development of recommendations for improvement;

·       Identification of initiatives to enhance process safety leadership across sectors;

·       A shared understanding of effective process safety performance indicators;

·       Stakeholders (including the Regulator) are informed and engaged.  Messages are collective where appropriate and individual where necessary.

The Process Safety Forum hosts its own website which is available here: