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Safety Leadership Charter

Understanding and managing risks are critical to any business, whether these are operational, financial, safety, environmental, ethical, or reputational risks. If not managed, they have the potential to harm people, damage the environment and destroy facilities along with corporate reputation. Good major hazard leadership helps an organisation to ensure these risks are given the resource, priority and attention that they need to reduce the likelihood of a major accident. This Commitment to Good Major Hazard Leadership consists of seven pledges that a business can use within their own organisations to demonstrate commitment to managing major hazard risks by promoting an engaged, positive, informed, and cooperative safety culture. Space has been left at the bottom for signatures/logos to be added as required.

To view the document, click on the link below. It will either open in your browser, or in its own application depending on the document type and your computer configuration. If the document opens in your browser window and you would prefer to download a copy to disk, right-click on the link and select 'Save Target As...'.

safety-leadersh_charter-final-210220.pdf (866 KB)

Created by Sam Leech.