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2020 March

31 March, Tuesday

2020 February

3 February, Monday

2020 January

31 January, Friday

  • Brexit
    Historic interest only. The Government published its 'No-Deal Readiness Report' with details of the Government's work to make sure that citizens and businesses were ready for Brexit on the original date of 31 October, if we left without a deal. The report also set out the preparation underway to ensure that goods continued to flow smoothly across the UK and EU border after Brexit, with measures in place and information given to traders, businesses and hauliers on what they needed to do to prepare before Brexit.
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  • FAQs
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30 January, Thursday

2019 December

9 December, Monday

2019 November

25 November, Monday

  • CSF Open Meeting 2019 Video
    A 'COMAH Strategic Forum Open Meeting' was held at Redgrave on May 14th 2019 for operators of sites with the potential to cause a major hazard accident but who are not affiliated with the CSF member Trade Associations.
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2019 October

7 October, Monday

  • Events & Meetings
    Info on CSF Open meetings (including a video of CSF Open 2019), Closed meeting dates plus relevant conferences.
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4 October, Friday

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