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2021 February

8 February, Monday

5 February, Friday

2020 November

13 November, Friday

  • Hazards 30 - Virtual Process Safety Conference
    IChemE's annual Hazards conference will be held virtually this year on 26/27 November. The conference programme will offer practical process safety insight from industry practitioners, researchers and regulators, including examples of good practice, new approaches and valuable lessons learnt from past incidents and near-misses. Session themes include chemical hazards, DSEAR/ATEX, fire and gas detection, regulation, asset integrity, safety leadership, risk management, lessons forgotten, environmental protection and many more. There will also be a guest lecture from Steve Rae, entitled 'Piper Alpha - an Accident or a Predictable Surprise?' Steve survived the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster and has since dedicated his career to improving safety culture across the industry. Presentations will be delivered as part of a live timetable, with live Q&A, and will also be available to watch on-demand. Find out more and register at
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2020 October

19 October, Monday

  • EU Exit
    Historic interest only. The Government published its 'No-Deal Readiness Report' with details of the Government's work to make sure that citizens and businesses were ready for Brexit on the original date of 31 October, if we left without a deal. The report also set out the preparation underway to ensure that goods continued to flow smoothly across the UK and EU border after Brexit, with measures in place and information given to traders, businesses and hauliers on what they needed to do to prepare before Brexit.
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  • CSF Working Groups
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  • Safety Leadership Charter
    Understanding and managing risks are critical to any business, whether these are operational, financial, safety, environmental, ethical, or reputational risks. If not managed, they have the potential to harm people, damage the environment and destroy facilities along with corporate reputation. Good major hazard leadership helps an organisation to ensure these risks are given the resource, priority and attention that they need to reduce the likelihood of a major accident. This Commitment to Good Major Hazard Leadership consists of seven pledges that a business can use within their own organisations to demonstrate commitment to managing major hazard risks by promoting an engaged, positive, informed, and cooperative safety culture. Space has been left at the bottom for signatures/logos to be added as required.
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2020 July

21 July, Tuesday

  • Test & Trace - HSE response
    This document which has been shared with LAs explains HSE's operational role (or not) in Test, Trace and Outbreak response.
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2020 April

20 April, Monday

2020 March

31 March, Tuesday

  • CSF Meeting Dates
    Brief details of CSF Open and Closed meetings can be found here. Please refer to the FAQ section in the first instance, if you have any questions.
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