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New Legislative Framework


The New Legislative Framework (NLF)aligns arrangements for accreditation and market surveillance of products. It creates a more coherent legal framework for the marketing of products in the European Union (EU) Internal Market.

It will make it easier for Member States to take action against non-compliant products, improve the role of Notified Bodies (ensuring consistency in their services) and will help businesses by using common terms and definitions across the Directives.

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NameNew Legislative Framework
This Community has been established to facilitate the sharing of information relating to the implementation of the New Legislative Framework (NLF). The NLF is a common set of principles which aims to make legislation on the Single Market for goods clearer, more consistent and more understandable. It was adopted as a European Union (EU) Regulation and an EU decision in July 2008. Most of the legislation will be implemented in the UK in 2016.
PrivacyThe community is visible to anyone. In order to join the community, people must either be invited or have their request to join approved by a community manager

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