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2017 October

18 October, Wednesday

  • Shipping Vessels Scrappage
    To review the possibility of an increase of Vessels being scrapped when we leave Brexit, and have to address more international conflicts stopping the increase of important metals for industry and defence. This will mean an increased asbestos risk a well as dealing with lead that has been 'painted over' If not planned properly the newer workforce will need training and Method statements available to protect the atmosphere and help ensure present compliance is managed by enforcement before the start of 'scrappage' activities the same as notifying the HS on a Form F10. Advancements in Medicine mean asbestosis will be detected earlier and although not curing the cancer may assist in preventing deterioration of the condition if detected in an early stage.
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    Created by Bernie Taylor (10 months ago)
2017 May

11 May, Thursday

2017 January

3 January, Tuesday

  • Occupational Disease - A Big Problem
    Know more about Occupational Disease facts in detail how to tackle the burden of occupational disease and novel ideas for new approaches. And the work going on by public, private and third sector organisations to tackle occupational disease.
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2016 October

7 October, Friday

  • Health Risks Involved In Construction Sector
    In recent years, the issue of workers' health and safety has highly been discussed in construction sector in UK. Many workers die, get injured or get sick due to the accidents happening in working areas every year. Moreover, the economies of countries unable to reach sufficient level on workers' health and safety are damaged indirectly, as well. Therefore, in order to decrease occupational accidents and diseases , social awareness is of vital importance. In our country, many workers fall ill, get injured, become disabled and even lose their lives because of occupational accidents and diseases for many years. Such incidents happen more especially in construction sector. The most significant reason for this is the specific working conditions of construction sector . The primary reason why construction sector is different from other sectors is that every project is unlike each other and hence various working conditions and risks are seen in each project....
    Location: Community Home Occupational Disease - A Big P...
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2016 September

28 September, Wednesday

  • Tackling occupational ill health
    Occupational disease is a big issue: a life-altering experience for some, a life-ending illness for others . But by working together, we can create healthier, efficient workplaces. This occupational disease community site , is designed to encourage the promotion and exchange of ideas and initiatives for tackling occupational ill health. Many serious occupational diseases also have a long period of "latency", some up to 30 years, between exposure and development of ill health or disease, making the links even more difficult to establish. However, where the link is established and exposure can be measured, then interventions and activities aimed at raising awareness and creating behavioural change can work to reduce exposures and prevent ill health and disease . *image* A new report on the future of occupational health by the Council for Work and Health (CWH) . The report, Planning the Future: Delivering a Vision of Good Work and Health in the UK...
    Location: Community Home Occupational Disease - A Big P...
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2016 January

18 January, Monday

  • Hairdressing and barbering H&S in a box
    This press release describes an initiative by the National Hairdressers Federation to make H&S accessible to salon and barbershop owners. Key risks addressed are respiratory diseases and dermatitis as well as common small business issues.
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    Created by Hilary Hall (2 years ago)
2015 December

15 December, Tuesday

2015 October

27 October, Tuesday

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