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Member: Professor Len Levy

Professor Len Levy is currently Emeritus Professor of Environmental Health within the Institute of Environment and Health at the University of Cranfield, UK. Previously (up till October 2005) he was Head of Toxicology and Risk Assessment at the UK Medical Research Council’s - Institute for Environment and Health based at the University of Leicester. Len is an internationally well-known occupational and environmental toxicologist and risk assessor and holds a doctorate in experimental pathology from the Institute of Cancer Research, London and has held academic positions at the University of Aston, where he developed courses in occupational toxicology and established an Industrial Toxicology Unit to research mechanisms and causes of occupational cancer and give advice to industry, trade unions and Government departments, and the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Occupational Health where he was a Reader in Occupational Health where he continued his research into causes and mechanisms of occupational cancer and also developed a Masters course in Occupational Health.

He was an independent member on the UK’s Health and Safety Commission’s Working Group on Action to Control Chemicals (WATCH) and the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS), and the UK nominee and vice-chair on the EU Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits (SCOEL), DG EMP until March 2015 and, is a member of SCOEL for a further term of office (April 2015 to March 2018). He was a member of the Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) specialising in toxicology and risk assessment and chaired of two of its sub-committees (Medical and Scientific Panel and the Hormones Subgroup). He has been an invited Working Group member to some twelve International Agency on Cancer Research (IARC) Monograph meetings (WHO, Lyon) on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans and has chaired two of these meetings. He has conducted occupational and environmental risk assessments on many different types of substances, ranging from pesticides to metals and solvents, including  the susceptibility of young children to lead, and has led teams producing a large number of Criteria Documents used for the setting of occupational exposure limits (OELs), both in the UK and the EU. He has published more than 300 papers, book chapters and expert reports on occupational carcinogenesis, occupational and environmental toxicology, risk assessment and risk management and the regulatory aspects of both environmental and occupational air and water standards. In 2000, he was awarded an OBE for Services to Occupational Health and Safety. Amongst current activities, he chairs the Executive Committee of the influential UK Interdepartmental Group on Health Risks from Chemicals (IGHRC) on behalf of the UK Government.