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Member: Dr Joanna Wilde

Dr Joanna Wilde has specialist expertise in the behavioral and social sciences. In her field she is a leading proponent in the application of evidence about the psychosocial factors in workplace health. She was elected as a Fellow of the British Psychological Society for her contribution in the area of policy and practice innovation linked to psychosocial factors in work and health. Her current focus is on the health problems inherent in new structures of working relationships, often described as the "gig economy". This is part of Joanna's wider work on "Bad Work", which explores how evidence from research, the impact of low justice (including discrimination) on health and the impact of psychological trauma (chronic stress) on morbidity and mortality, can be used to improve worker health. Joanna was a senior organisational psychologist on the British Airways Leadership Forum and has published a textbook on mitigating toxicity at work. Throughout her working life, Joanna has been disabled with a range of chronic auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, and so brings the "expertise by experience" of managing the constraints of having a set of chronic health issues to the work of the committee.