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Invitation to Attend WHEC Open Meeting

The Workplace Health Expert Committee (WHEC) is an HSE independent expert scientific committee providing advice to HSE about the scientific and medical evidence on workplace health issues. We are pleased to announce that an Open Meeting of WHEC will be held on XX XXXX XX. It will take place at [insert location details and time]. You will be able to book a place to participate and discuss relevant topics with committee members. Please note that we cannot address individual health concerns. Spaces are limited therefore early registration is essential if you wish to attend. Admission is free and by entry ticket only. If you wish to attend, please complete the questionnaire. There is also space within the questionnaire for you to submit a question or questions you wish to ask of WHEC. Please note to receive an invitation the questionnaire must be submitted before [xx xxxx xxxx] and you must bring the entry ticket with you on the day of the Meeting.

This questionnaire is open.

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