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WHEC Issues Register

This database lists the issues referred to WHEC, shows their status and provides a link to what advice WHEC has provided. If you want to read the issue in full you need to show all columns 

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Issue NumberBrief titleDate referredIn scope?UrgencyStatusReference InformationActions
11  Sedentary work and health 20 Jul 2017  In scope 3 - Urgent Resolved   View
12  Risk of breast cancer associated with night shift work 10 Jul 2017  In scope 2 - Medium term Resolved   View
13  Interrelationship between musculoskeletal symptoms and psychological ill health 11 Jul 2017  In scope 1 - Long term Resolved   View
14  Risk of cardiovascular disease associated with occupational exposure to inorganic particulates   In scope 1 - Long term Resolved   View
15  Welding and cancer risk 12 Dec 2018  In scope 3 - Urgent Resolved   View

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