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Safety in Ski Slope Operations - new edition

Gavin Howat 3 years ago   Reply

The HSE guidance on ski slope operations has been updated.  You can download a free pdf version from the HSE website

Mike Dunthorne 3 years ago   Reply

Hi Gavin, have just stumbled across this discussion forum.  Given that there are zero replies to any post you have made so far it seems safe to assume that very few other people are aware of its existence.  How about some awareness-raising by HSE / AALS inspectors as it is a potentially useful feature?

In a similar vein, I have just stumbled across your revised 'paddlecraft hire' best practice dosument published in November.  Canoe hire is a big part of our business and it would have been useful if this revised guidance had been proactively disseminated to the main paddlecraft hire companies around the country.  Can HSE not come up with a mechanism for proactively notifying license holders when best practice info is updated on the website, rather than relying on us going searching for it?

Finally, I would have started a new discussion topic rather than posting this under Ski Slope safety, but it appears that community users can't start a new thread?

Cheers,  Mike

Gavin Howat 3 years ago   Reply

Hi Mike

Thanks for your points!  The AALS team do make a point of telling providers about this site when they visit and I have promoted it at sector meetings.  We have also linked this community to the AALA pages on the HSE web site.  I am looking at some changes to the site in the near future and will see if things can be made more obvious.

You should find you can start discussions now - I needed to change a setting!  So thanks for pointing it out!

I always find myself torn between sending an email to every user whenever a change is made and so filling everyone's already no doubt busy mail boxes or not notifying...