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Approved dosimetry services

The list of Approved Dosimetry Services has been changed from an Acrobat (pdf) document to a new format to allow continuous updating by the ADS Administration Managers. The whole list is no longer displayed at once but you can cycle through the pages to view all the approved services. In addition, a new search facility has been added so that employers can search for an ADS by address or type of approval. This can be found towards the bottom of the page.
Approved Dosimetry Service

Sellafield Ltd
(formerly known as British Nuclear Group)

Approved Dosimetry Service address

Head of Dosimetry Technical Services
Bldg B405WBM
CA20 1PG


Approved for the following under IRR

Co-ordination & Record

External: Whole Body Routine (TLD)

External: Whole Body
Special Accident

External: Extremity 

Sellafield: Internal - PAS, urine and faecal sampling, in-vivo monitoring

Springfields: Internal - SAS, urine sampling for uranium, in-vivo monitoring

Internal: Whole Body

Approved for the following under REPPIR

Co-ordination & Record

External: Whole Body TLD

External: Extremity

Internal: PAS, Urine Sampling for Pluto-nium, Uranium & Tritium, In-Vivo Monitor-ing

Contact name and contact details

Mrs Christine Wilson
Head of ADS
Tel: 019467 74169
Fax: 019467 84333

Deputy Mr Mark Peace 
Tel: 019467 74174
Fax: 019467 84333