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Asbestos news

Press Releases on asbestos prosecutions and other asbestos-related issues.

NameLast ModifiedCreated
Charitable Trust and Contractor fined for asbestos safety failings
The Williamson Trust were fined £18000 plus costs of £17000 for failing to complete a refurbishment and demolition survey and failing to ensure that the contractor had the asbestos information needed. Mark Tucker was fined £9000 plus costs of £8000
2 years ago 2 years ago
Food company and contractor fined after disturbing asbestos
Mizkan Euro Ltd and D H Welton & Co Ltd were fined after asbestos was disturbed during building work and only identified by chance when an asbestos removel contractor attended site.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Cinema director fined for asbestos management failings
James Hannaway, a St Albans cinema director has been fined £11,660 plus £7000 costs after he put workers and members of the public at risk of exposure to asbestos.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Unlicensed company removes asbestos ceiling from school
Clarks Construction Limited were fined a total of £3300 after they removed an asbestos ceiling in a school despite not being legally approved to do the work.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Man fined for unlicensed removal of asbestos
Surrey man Dean Callaghan was fined £2,500 for exposing the residents of a house in Putney, himself and his assistant to asbestos, after he removed asbestos panels from the house, without a licence.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Heating Engineer fined after homeowners exposed to asbestos
Karl Locher, a self employed heating engineer has been fined after removing asbestos lagged pipework in a domestic property with no precautions to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Company Fined for sale of boilers containing asbestos
A demolition and licensed asbestos removal company has been fined after it sold a boiler found to contain asbestos.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Two companies fined for serious breaches in the removal of asbestos
A construction management company and a director of a construction company were fined for serious safety failings whilst working on a construction site at Kensington Church Street, London
2 years ago 2 years ago
Roofer in court after workers potentially exposed to asbestos
David Cummings t/a Cummings Flat Roofing has been fined after exposing workers and the home owner to potentially deadly asbestos fibres at a domestic property in Suffolk.
3 years ago 3 years ago
Family firm fined after worker broke back in roof fall
A family-run company in Birmingham that speciallises in removing asbestos from buildings has been fined after an employee broke his back when he fell through a fragile roof.
3 years ago 3 years ago