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Guidance for Licence Holders

General guidance aimed at asbestos licence holders, but which may well be of interest to others

NameLast Modified
Phantom Vision Front Split Bulletin English service
Split to Front Fitting of Phantom Vision Mask: Scott Safety Technical Bulletin
5 years ago
Timeframe for asbestos licence application and assessment
An outline of the licence application process and a reminder that the licence assessment fee needs to be paid in good time to allow the assessment and other processes to be completed before the current licence expires.
5 years ago
ASB4 Form November 2015
Sample of a blank ASB4 Asbestos Licence Assessment Form - this is the form which is used by HSE to record discussions at an asbestos licence assessment meeting - it shows the kind of questions prospective licence holders and those renewing their licence may be asked at assessment.
4 years ago
Integrity of Flues
Advice for Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors on the integrity of flues
4 years ago
Advice on asbestos flash guards
This post is to clarify the licensing position regarding flash guards, following queries to HSE
4 years ago
3 years ago
Asbestos Licence Application Pilot Scheme from 1 December 2018
Letter regarding new asbestos licence application pilot scheme coming into effect from 1 December.
1 year ago
Notes on how to complete the ASB1 Asbestos Licence Application Form. Please note this is not guidance for the new form being used under the pilot scheme which started in December 2018 - guidance for that will be sent to applicants taking part in the new scheme, on application.
1 year ago