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Guidance for Licence Holders

General guidance aimed at asbestos licence holders, but which may well be of interest to others

NameLast Modified
11 years ago
Supervisory licences - information for clients
Information for clients concerning licensed work with asbestos. This document contains clarification on the purpose of a licence restricted to supervisory work with asbestos.
11 years ago
Asbestos Notifications and Licence Renewals
Information for licenceholders on notifications where the finish date of the job being notified is later than the expiry date of the licence.
10 years ago
Amendments to Notified Work
Information for Licence Holders on amendments to notified asbestos work.
9 years ago
Information on Negative Pressure Units (NPUs)
Important information on NPUs, also known as Air Movers outlining steps to be taken to comply with the recommendations in BS 8520-2.
9 years ago
Face Fit testing - Important Information for all licenceholders
Information on apparent high fit test results.
9 years ago
Information concerning asbestos licences for ancillary (scaffold) work
An information note from ALU clarifying when notification of scaffolding work should or should not be made.
8 years ago
New payment procedures for asbestos licence holders
Asbestos licence holders should note that from the beginning of April 2012, ALU are introducing a new on-line application form (the ASB1) and a new payment method. From April, the new ASB1 will be completed and submitted to ALU on line, no payment should be made at that point. HSE's central finance department will then arrange for an invoice to be sent to applicants, and the assessment process will commence once payment has been made. Please note, if you have an ASB1 form in the old style at the moment, we will still be accepting these for a period of time after April.
8 years ago
Face Fit Testing: potential issue
Copy letter to fit testing organisations following identification of a potential issue with face fit testing
8 years ago
Leadership Event - Letter - August 2012
Letter to licence holders regarding HSE/ARMI leadership events from November 2012 to autumn 2013
8 years ago