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ASB5 Asbestos Notification Information

On 1 October 2014 the ASB5 licensed asbestos notification form will be withdrawn and replaced by a new on-line notification system. This folder will contain information on the new procedure and we will be adding further documents in the run up to 1 October.

NameLast ModifiedCreated
How to identify the appropriate enforcing authority
An easily read table providing advice on how to identify the appropriate Enforcing Authority for asbestos notifications.
8 years ago 8 years ago
Example ASB5
Following the introduction of the new electronic ASB5 asbestos notification system on 1 October 2014, this is an example of what a blank copy of the new ASB5 form will look like.
4 years ago 4 years ago
Example ASB5 V2
Here is an example of what a completed ASB5 notification form will look like after 1 October 2014
4 years ago 4 years ago
New ASB5 Electronic Asbestos Notifications Form
New form for use from 1 October 2014. Note: this form is also available on the HSE web site on the Forms/Notifications page
4 years ago 4 years ago
Letter to all licence holders
Copy of letter which has been sent to each asbestos licenceholder outlining the new asbestos notification procedures which comes into effect on 1 October 2014
4 years ago 4 years ago
Online Notification form FAQs
Information for asbestos licence holders on use of the new electronic on-line ASB5 form.
2 years ago 4 years ago
2 years ago 2 years ago
1 year ago 1 year ago
Waiver Requests
Information on waiver requests including local HSE email addresses for use when submitting supporting paperwork for a waiver, such as the Plan of Work or Client Letter, etc. Includes nuclear sites and offshore sites.
6 months ago 4 years ago