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About this site

This Webcommunity is for anyone who is interested in asbestos licensing issues and wants to keep up to date with the latest news and policies.   It has been set up by the HSE's Asbestos Licensing Unit. We strongly recommend that all licence holders join the Webcommunity as this will ensure that information about any updates will be sent to you via e-mail so you don't have to keep checking for changes.    The webcommunity also provides a useful opportunity to exchange views with other members via our Discussion Forum

How to Join:   You can join by following this link: Asbestos Licensing Information Webcommunity 

Discussion Forum:   You can  exchange views with other members via our Discussion Forum.    Remember, you will only be able to see the discussion forum and take part in discussions if you are logged in to the site using your password.    You will still get emails from the community if you have selected that option, even when you are not logged in.    If you are not logged in any responses to emails will only go to the community site manager, and will not be posted on the discussion forum.   If you have forgotten your password you can report this using the link on the log in screen.

Change or set your email preferences:    When registering for the first time, you should choose one of  three options  for email delivery:  

1.  Receive all emails as they are delivered to the site 
2.  Get a digest of these emails
3.  Don't receive any emails, just read these on the community site.   Please choose carefully.   It is important that you select the one you want to avoid getting too many unwanted emails.     Existing members can change their email preferences by logging in, selecting My Notifications from the menu on the left of the page and choosing one of the three options.

Leaving the Community:   You can choose to leave the community at any time using the Leave Community link from the menu on the left of the home page.     


If you notice any errors or omissions on the Webcommunity, or wish to report any inappropriate discussion entries, please e-mail details 

More general information about asbestos can be found on the HSE Website Asbestos  pages.