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Online Notification form FAQs


Why do I have to complete this form?

It is a requirement of your licence to work with asbestos under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 that work should be notified to the appropriate enforcing authority in writing at least 14 days before undertaking any licensable work with asbestos.

I need to make changes to my submitted notification, how can I do this?

  • Go to the online notification and tick the update box
  • Enter the Notification Number you were given when you made the initial notification and the email address you used 
  • Click the Retrieve details button
  • Click the submit button to confirm the changes
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement with a copy of the updated notification


How can I withdraw a notification?

  • Go to the online notification and tick the update box
  • Enter the Notification Number you were given when you made the initial notification and the email address you used 
  • Click the Retrieve details button
  • Once your notification is returned tick the withdraw option & confirm by clicking OK on the dialog box that will appear
  • Click the submit button 
  • Note: you will not receive an email acknowledgement that you have withdrawn the notification.


I need to update/withdraw my notification but I don't have the number, what can I do?

You will need to go back to your email and search for the automatic receipt you were sent when you submitted the original notifications.  This will contain the unique notification number and a copy of the completed form.    If a receipt has not arrived within 24 hours, contact your local office to request a copy. (see "Why have I not received a receipt" below)

I have not made the 14 day deadline to notify work, what can I do now?

You will need to delay the start of work.   Waivers will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.  The waiver process is explained in  ALG Memo 06/12. 


The circumstances of the job I notified have now changed. Do I need to update it?

It depends on the change but as a guide you will need to update your original notification with any  changes that are listed in ALG Memo 06/12 Annex 2.   See also the question  below “When I have submitted a notification, what details can I go back and change?”

I am carrying out repetitive asbestos removal from several premises on a large scale.  How can I notify this?

 The new form does not allow you to enter more than one address, so in these circumstances you should insert one address in the address field on page 2, and then in the text box headed "Exact Work Location" you should insert the phrase "Multiple Sites" and include brief details of the premises to be covered.    Updates on the work as it progresses can then be emailed to the local HSE office.    You will have to agree this approach with the local enforcing authority first depending on the exact circumstances.  ALG Memo 06/12  Annex 2 Paras 6 and 7 outline the procedure to follow when notifying work at multiple sites such as large local authority housing projects.


The form does not work, what should I do?

If you find that the form does not work,  it may simply be that the internet connection is down.  You may find waiting a few minutes and re-attempting it will resolve the problem.  If we are aware of a problem with the form we will let you know via the asbestos licensing web community.  If you are still unable to use the form you will need to contact your local HSE Office. to report the problem.   If you are having problems with your browser, try enabling Javascript.    Ensure the form has completely loaded  before trying to complete it.  (Browsers vary, but for some "done" may appear in the bottom left corner of the screen).

Can I get help completing the form?

On each page of the form you will notice boxes with a ? on  them. Click them to expand a panel giving you help on certain sections of the form


Can I talk to someone before submitting my form?

As this is an on line only reporting system, this is not possible. All the help you will need is on the form. .


How can I give feedback on  the form?

To provide feedback on the form, please contact  the manager of the asbestos licensing web community by email  or go into the community and click on the link to the Manager in the Community Information section. 


How can I ask questions about Asbestos Notification Policy?

 Please use the discussion forum on the asbestos licensing web community.   Remember you will need to log in to the community before taking part in the discussion forum.   


Can I manually complete a form and post it?

No, all notifications of this type are now made on- line


Why have I not had an acknowledgement of my notification

Acknowledgement of notifications will be sent to the email you input. This should normally arrive within a few minutes.  If you have not received one please check your spam folder as it may have been caught in the filter.   You may also have input an incorrect email address.    Occasionally there is a delay in sending receipts so you may have to wait longer.   If you have not received a receipt within 24 hours of notifying, please contact your local office and request a copy - you will have to provide the company name, date of submission and site address so that the database can be searched.


When I have submitted a notification, what details can I go back and change?

You can amend the following details on a notification:

Page 1

Licence Number

Licence Expiry Date

Licence Holders Address

Page 2

Who are you contracted to? (Name of company)

Phone Number

Contact name

Mobile Number of person preparing Plan of Work

Name of Site Supervisor

Mobile Number of Site Supervisor

Page 3

Start and End Date of work

Duration of Work

Start and Finish Times

Night Working

Weekend Working

Significant Cessation

ACM Type

Number of persons employed

Page 4

Is the work taking place on Special Premises

Authorisation name

Authorisation position

Authorisation email address


When I have submitted a notification, what details can I NOT change?

You cannot amend any of the following details once the notification has been made.

Page 1

Notification Number

Email address (but this can be changed on page 4)

Your Name

Page 2

Address where the work is to be carried out

Exact work location

Name of person preparing Plan of Work

Page 3

Work to be undertaken

General condition of asbestos material

Main type of asbestos

Brief details of type of work

Size of job

Page 4

Control measures and risks

Other licensed asbestos holders

Enforcing Authority

I have put the wrong site address on the form,  can I amend this?

You cannot amend the site address details.     If necessary you can withdraw the notification and submit a new notification with the correct address.  (See How Can I Withdraw a Notification, above).  

I want to notify licensed asbestos work which is enforced by the local authority, should I use this form?

Yes. This form should be used by licensed contractors to notify all licensed asbestos work, whether enforced by HSE or LAs

 I need to request a waiver, how can I do this?

Complete and submit the electronic ASB5 form.  When you input the dates you will see a message on the screen which reminds you that if the start date of the work is less than 14 days away you need to contact your local office.  You will also get an email receipt with the notification number and a pdf copy of your completed form.  You should forward this to your local office with any supporting paperwork, by email.    More detailed advice on waivers   is available on this community site.

 My supervisor has changed, should I notify this?

If the name of your supervisor changes in the 14 day period before the work starts, you should go back to the original notification and insert the new details.     After the work starts, we only expect you to change your notification if the supervisor changes for a period of more than 2 days.   You do not have to change your notification if the supervisor changes for short period of a few hours, up to 2 days.