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Out of date ASB5

HSE has been asked if analysts can carry out a clearance even though the notification by the licensed asbestos contractor has expired. HSE would always expect the four stage clearance to be included as part of the time notified for carrying out licenced asbestos work. The licenced work is not formally concluded until the four stage clearance is complete. The Plan of Work prepared by the licensed contractor should allow for the four stage clearance. There will be unforeseen circumstances where work is not concluded by the end of the notified period. Once it is clear that the job is delayed such that it will exceed the time originally notified then the ASB5 notification can be amended and brief comment added. When there is a delay that will extend work beyond the notified period the Licenced contractors should update the notification and not wait till the end of the job to do so. Amendments should not be used to compensate for poor initial planning and evidence of poor planning is likely to be challenged by HSE. Once licensed asbestos work has concluded and the work area has been cleaned the analyst should carry out a four stage clearance, as planned, so that a certificate of reoccupation can be issued without unnecessary delay. If that work is concluded outside the notified period then enforcing authorities will challenge why an adequate notification was not made for the licensed work.