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Fragile roofs - Fragile lives

HSE has assisted CITB in the production of a film, titled Fragile roofs - Fragile lives. It is hosted on CITB's website and YouTube channel, and is free to view, share and use. In the film, 4 people tell of the devastating effects falls through fragile roofs has had on themselves and their families. The film is to raise awareness of the 9 people who die each year falling through fragile materials, and the life changing injuries suffered by many more. We want people to think about the consequences of it happening to them, or to anybody they know and love. It is primarily aimed at those who work in the construction sector, although it is applicable to all industries where you find fragile roofs. In fact, the core message could be applied to almost any high risk work activity. So please watch the film, and feel free to share the link with anyone who may wish to use the film as part of tool box talks or other training.

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