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Asbestos Licence Holders

This is a list of current asbestos licence holders with addresses, it is updated weekly.

The type of licence held by the company is shown in the "Type of Licence" column.

Each licence holder has a number of standard conditions attached to their licence, and an explanation of these Condition Numbers is available in the main Asbestos Licensing Information section of this community.

Some Standard licence holders are also permitted to carry out maintenance work. Some Standard licence holders are also permitted to erect scaffolding, if they have suitably trained staff - you should contact the licence holder direct for details.

Company NameAddressCountyTel. No.Licence No.Expiry DateType of LicenceCondition No.Actions
Octogon Solutions Ltd Unit 7A, Pepper Road, LEEDS, WYORKS, LS10 2EU WYORKS 0113 270 0426  171905855 28/01/2021 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Thermac (Hire) Limited Unit C, Astra Park, LEEDS, WYORKS, LS11 5SZ WYORKS 0113 270 9555  012004560 01/12/2023 Maintenance Licence 1,2,3,19 View
Demolition Services Limited DSL House, Wortley Moor Road, LEEDS, WYORKS, LS12 4JE WYORKS 0113 279 4286  841900446 04/10/2022 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Leeds Environmental LLP 16a Ashfield Way, Whitehall Industrial Estate, LEEDS, WYORKS, LS12 5JB WYORKS 01132 798799  202005966 27/08/2021 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Rhodes Asbestos Services Limited Unit 23, Ecclesfield 35 Industrial Estate, Station Road, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S35 9YR SYORKS 0114 234 9240  102005460 07/04/2023 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Cordtape Environmental Services Limited Finchwell Close, Handsworth, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S13 9DF SYORKS 0114 243 1239  841800403 04/03/2021 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Trident Scaffolding Limited Trident House, Valley Works, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S5 0DQ SYORKS 0114 245 1010  052005024 02/02/2023 Scaffolding Licence 1,2,3,7 View
E4 (Environmental) Limited Unit 13A, Provincial Park, Nether Lane, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S35 9ZX SYORKS 0114 245 4449  061905126 04/09/2022 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Rowland Scaffold Co Limited Rowland House, 274 Attercliffe Road, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S4 7WZ SYORKS 0114 275 5752  081905291 01/02/2022 Scaffolding Licence 1,2,3,7 View
Delta Services (Sheffield) Limited Unit 1a, Orgreave Drive, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S13 9NR SYORKS 0114 279 9111  061905137 28/10/2022 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
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