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Asbestos Licence Holders

List of current asbestos licence holders with addresses. A list of the licence condition numbers is available in the General Information section of this community. Please note that these are standard wordings - the wording on the actual licence may differ slightly in some circumstances. Some full licence holders have condition 19 added to their existing standard licence to allow them additionally to carry out maintenance work. The type of licence held by the company is available in the "Licence Type" column, but if in any doubt, you should contact the company direct and ask to see a copy of their licence. Page 3 shows standard conditions attached to Asbestos Licences specifically issued to Maintenance Licence Holders. Note: Some Full Licence holders are also permitted to erect scaffolding, if they have suitably trained staff - you should contact the licence holder direct for details.

Company NameAddressCountyTel. No.Licence No.Expiry DateType of LicenceCondition No.Actions
Rowland Scaffold Co Limited Rowland House, 274 Attercliffe Road, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S4 7WZ SYORKS 0114 275 5752  81605291 01/02/2019 Scaffolding Licence 1,2,3,7 View
Delta Services (Sheffield) Limited Unit 1a, Orgreave Drive, SHEFFIELD, SYORKS, S13 9NR SYORKS 0114 279 9111  61605137 24/10/2019 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Warburton Services Limited 11 Arbutus Close, Barton Green, NOTTINGHAM, NOTTS, NG11 8SQ NOTTS 0115 846 0122  171705828 07/05/2020 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Colspar Environmental Services Limited Unit 3, Raleigh Court, NOTTINGHAM, NOTTS, NG7 4GA NOTTS 0115 910 0179  971604018 28/02/2019 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Inter City Environmental Consultants Limited 3a Cardwell Street, Radford, NOTTINGHAM, NOTTS, NG7 6FW NOTTS 0115 913 1500  101805517 07/08/2020 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
DTE Asbestos Services Limited DTE House, Crompton Road, ILKESTON, DERBY, DE7 4BG DERBY 0115 932 3786  171805859 30/01/2019 Standard Licence 1,2,3,14 View
Midlands Asbestos Solutions Limited Unit 8, Crompton Road Industrial Estate, ILKESTON, DERBY, DE7 4BG DERBY 0115 932 6521  101705475 09/05/2019 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
Asbestos Insulation Removers Limited 2-4 Regent Street, KIMBERLEY, NOTTS, NG16 2LW NOTTS 0115 938 3820  841600416 22/09/2019 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
CMEC Demolition Limited William Isaac Building, Gibbons Street, NOTTINGHAM, NOTTS, NG7 2SB NOTTS 0115 942 0600  11804456 30/06/2020 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
HB Insulations (Notts) Ltd Unit 3, Falcon Court, ILKESTON, DERBY, DE7 8EF DERBY 0115 944 0244  21804609 16/04/2021 Standard Licence 1,2,3 View
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