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Asbestos Licence Holders

List of current asbestos licence holders with addresses. A list of the licence condition numbers is available in the General Information section of this community. Please note that these are standard wordings - the wording on the actual licence may differ slightly in some circumstances. Some full licence holders have condition 19 added to their existing standard licence to allow them additionally to carry out maintenance work. The type of licence held by the company is available in the "Licence Type" column, but if in any doubt, you should contact the company direct and ask to see a copy of their licence. Page 3 shows standard conditions attached to Asbestos Licences specifically issued to Maintenance Licence Holders. Note: Some Full Licence holders are also permitted to erect scaffolding, if they have suitably trained staff - you should contact the licence holder direct for details.

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Company NamePro-Active Asbestos Control Ltd
Address1 Bradfield Road, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, NHANTS, NN8 4HB
Tel. No.01933 275900
Licence No.071705199
Expiry Date21/05/2020
Type of LicenceStandard Licence
Condition No.1,2,3