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Enforcement Information (Press Releases)

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Utility Company fined after Exposing employees to asbestos
A Paisley based utility services company has today been fined for exposing four of its employees to asbestos during work at Anderson Tower in Motherwell in 2014.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Waste removal contractor fined after asbestos concerns
A waste removal contractor from Bridgend has been sentenced after undertaking asbestos removal work at two locations without being licensed to do so.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Director and company fined after unlicensed asbestos removal
A Wiltshire based asbestos removal company and one of its Directors have been sentenced after removing licensable asbestos materials in an unsafe manner. Sarum Asbestos Limited (SAL) had been contracted to conduct an asbestos survey and then arrange for the removal of any identified asbestos material before demolition work could begin on site.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Contractor sentenced after householder exposed to asbestos
A Wigan building contractor has appeared in court after exposing a homeowner and her family to asbestos while carrying out a garage conversion.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Companies fined after workers exposed to asbestos
Three companies have been fined a total of more than £1m after workers were exposed to asbestos while refurbishing a school in Waltham Forest.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Construction company fined three quarters of a million pounds after asbestos failings
Barroerock Construction Limited has been fined after repeated asbestos failings. Canterbury Crown Court heard yesterday how the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) carried out two investigations of working practices of the site in 2013 and 2014 while Barroerock were converting into flats a former nine storey office building in Ashford, Kent, which was known to contain asbestos.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Asbestos removal supervisor fined for exposing workers to deadly fibres
An asbestos removal supervisor has been sentenced after admitting exposing numerous workers to deadly asbestos fibres during licensed asbestos removal works. Manchester Magistrates Court heard that a concern was received by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) claiming that Alan Burdett was allowing people into the sealed asbestos enclosure, which is designed to keep dangerous fibres from escaping and contaminating people or other areas, without any form or protective clothing or face mask.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Essex companies fined after workers exposed to asbestos
Two Essex-based companies have been fined after exposing workers to potentially deadly asbestos over a period of years, despite being alerted to the risks at their premises.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Asbestos removal firm fined after poor safety practices
Midlands based firm Enviro-Safe Limited have been fined for failing to meet the standards required when removing asbestos.
2 years ago 2 years ago
Asbestos Analyst fined for falsifying documents
An asbestos analyst has been fined after he falsified an asbestos air clearance certificate, following licensed asbestos removal in Manchester. Greater Manchester Magistrates' Court, sitting at Manchester and Salford Court House, heard how, on 19th November 2015, Mr Barrie Lyons, a well-trained asbestos analyst with 29 years of experience, was contracted to carry out the final inspection and air testing, following asbestos removal at a construction site in central Manchester.
2 years ago 2 years ago