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Related Items

Related Items provide an easy way of linking items together.

Most items in a community can be associated with other items in the same community. You can, for example, associate a document with an event (so people going to the meeting scheduled in the calendar can read the minutes from the last meeting), or a picture album to a questionnaires (asking for members' preferences on the new proofs for the brochure layout) etc.

You can associate one or many items to one or many other items. Two items that are linked are visible to each other - so in the above example you can see the document from the calendar event and you can also see the event from the document. Related Items are only displayed when you view a single item, rather than a list view. They are shown in the "Related Items" section, if related items are enabled for that item. Click on the section title to show or hide the list of related items.

Associations can be quickly and easily setup and removed. Deleting an association only removes the link - it does not delete the actual item. When an item is deleted, all related items to and from that item are automatically removed.

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