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Let us have your views - non-approval of MBIT as an active substance for use in product type 13 biocidal products (working or cutting fluid preservatives)

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[Deleted] Garry Wiles 3 years ago  
Dear Biocides active substances web community member I am writing to let you know about the 12 May meeting of the Standing Committee on Biocidal Products, where a vote will be taken on the non-approval of 2-methyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one (MBIT) as an active substance for use in biocidal products for product-type 13 (working or cutting fluid preservatives), because the scenarios evaluated in the environmental risk assessments identified unacceptable risks for groundwater. Non-approval means that the active substances and the biocidal products containing them for the specified uses must be removed from the EU market, following a phase-out period as specified in the Biocidal Products Regulation. If you have any comments on the non-approval of MBIT, it would be helpful for us to have the following information by 28 April ahead of the vote at the Standing Committee: 1. Is MBIT and/or any biocidal products containing it currently on the UK market? 2. If yes, can you provide details, and the level of distribution in the UK? 3. Does the proposed non-approval decision, which will result in the removal from the market of MBIT and the products containing it, create any specific problems for you and/or other suppliers or users? Please give details. 4. Other comments. If your comments are commercially sensitive, you may wish to submit them to the HSE email account chemicalsconsultation@«hidden» rather than responding to this Biocides active substances web community discussion. Kind regards Garry Wiles Biocides active substances web community manager
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