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Advice to members who have email suffixes ending in ''

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[Deleted] Garry Wiles 2 years ago  

Dear Biocides web community member


This message provides advice to those members who have email addresses ending in ‘’ It does not apply to anyone else.

If you work for HSE you will have probably seen the announcement that as of 4th April all HSE e-mail addresses have changed from to, i.e. we have dropped the ‘.gsi’ part.

 Although messages sent to e-mail addresses will still be delivered for the next few months, it’s important that Online Communities members update their profiles to reflect this change.

This advice will also apply to non-HSE staff, i.e. those in other Government Departments and Agencies, who have recently had their email address changed in the same way, by the removal of ‘.gsi’

  Why is this important?

 1. Messages sent to old .gsi addresses won’t be delivered in a few months’ time

 2. Some members may try to login to their Communities using, e.g. e-mail addresses but unless they have changed their profiles, the system won’t recognise them. A percentage of these members will probably try registering again with their e-mail addresses but won’t be able to access the Communities they currently belong to.

 3. As web community manager I don’t have permission to update members’ profiles for them – you must do this yourself.

 So, how do you update your profile?

 You can do this in a few simple steps:

 1. Login to internal Communities using your (or other department/Agency) e-mail address and password. You can do this at

 2. Once logged in, click ‘Profile’ at the top right of your screen:

 3. Click ‘Modify your profile’. This is under ‘Actions’ at the bottom of the screen

 4. On the following ‘Update your profile page’, click in the e-mail field and remove the .gsi part.

 5. Click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen to put this into effect.

I hope this is useful.

Kind regards

Garry Wiles

Biocides active substances web community manager

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