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USE of Disinfectants

peter gotch 1 year ago   Reply

Hi Forum

I'm not at all sure that this is the place that I want to be but it was suggested as a possible avenue!

We are concerned about providing protection to mitigate the risk of those carrying out work in open environments from spreading animal and plant diseases. Could be e.g. ecologists or surveyors, or those carrying out advance works associated with infrastructure developments, e.g. a ground investigation contractor.

One of the measures that this includes is the disinfection of clothing, boots and equipment (e.g. vehicles and tools).

Defra approve only 2 disinfectants to protect against the spread of Phytophthoras such as P ramorum responsible for Larch dieback and P infestans for potato blight. These are Cleankill Sanitising Spray and Propellar.

Defra also maintain a spreadsheet of disinfectants for use to protect against various animal diseases + "General". Neither Cleankill Sanitising Spray nor Propellar are listed on this spreadsheet (not even under "General").

In some situations we should be trying to protect against the spread of animal diseases AND plant diseases (though usually one or other will be of greater local relevance).

Concerned amongst other things that if we were to take what on the face of it would be the precautionary principle of using TWO disinfectants simultaneously, i.e. one selected for animal diseases and another for plant diseases, there are quite probable issues of incompatibility not only from an HSandE perspective but as regards the continued efficacy of a disinfectant that has been co-mixed with another chemical.

Do you know of any recommendations on what to do where these two environmental risk receptors coexist either in the very same location or in neighbouring sites?

In terms of the neighbours, we are veering towards a strategy of cleaning off all kit including disinfectant, and then applying the second disinfectant before moving from one location to the next.

YES, I have done my research elsewhere - LOTS of it!!!

Thanks, Peter

Andrew Maxey 1 year ago   Reply
Peter, You indicated that you were unsure whether this forum was the right avenue. While on a discussion forum you could get responses from any of the web community members, if your question is to HSE as the Biocides Competent Authority it would be better if you could please send your question to the Biocides Helpdesk at biocidesenquiries@«hidden» . Andrew Maxey Biocides Active Substances We Community
peter gotch 1 year ago   Reply

Thanks Andrew.

I realised that it was a long shot and I have emailed as you suggested.

Regards, Peter