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Proposed changes made to HSE guidance: Health and Safety in Care Homes HSG 220

This consultation seeks your views on the proposed changes made to HSE’s guidance, Health and Safety in Care Homes (HSG 220) which was originally published in 2001.

 This revised version will continue to provide essential and updated guidance to owners, managers of care homes, as well as to employees and safety representatives to help them understand and meet their duties under health and safety legislation. It describes the main health and safety risks found in care homes, and what should be done to protect both workers and those receiving care. 

 This guidance is an essential one-stop shop where we aim to provide key messages on high-risk activities within this sector. Guidance on all topics has been revised and a number of new topics introduced.

 These changes are part of HSE’s work to make it easier for businesses and other users to understand what they need to do to comply with health and safety law, and will be of interest to businesses of all sizes in the social care sector.

 Please keep in mind that this will be a hard copy document as well as a downloadable document from the website.  Comments are welcome on format, style and content.

You can now:

Read the draft Health and Safety in Care Homes HSG220 revision

To answer the questionnaire you will need to register with HSE's Web community system and become a member. Please contact  for an invitation to join and answer the questionnaire.

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