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Success stories

Explore the commitments already made. Find out more information, and find new ideas and sources of inspiration by reading about others' commitments and what they have already achieved.

Safe2Torch:designing out the risk of roof fires

Gas torches can be a major fire risk when installing torch-on roofing membranes. The risk of fires could be virtually eliminated if flame free products are specified at the survey/design stage.

A focus group was set up by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, which included roofing manufacturers and contractors.  The group agreed guidance and a robust checklist which would support anyone specifying roof works that required the use of gas torches.  It was also agreed to run a campaign to highlight the risks and solutions to a wider audience, to promote safe specifications and safe installation methods and help promote a more positive image of the industry.


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Commitments supporting small and medium sized companies

For Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) managing workplace risks shouldn’t be complicated or costly.  Making support available which is quick and easy for small businesses to understand, so that they can fulfil their obligations, remains a challenge for all sectors.

Rising to that challenge 9 organisations made commitments to support their members or supply chain or improve their engagement with SMEs. 


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Commitments to improve the role of safety reps by UCATT

It’s 40 years since Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives were recognised in law under The Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulation 1977.  To support new safety representatives UCATT (now part of UNITE) committed to developing an easily accessible, comprehensive training scheme. 


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Commitments made at HSE Annual Conference

11 organisations took the opportunity to record on paper or nip into a video booth to register help Great Britain work well commitments at the recent HSE Annual Conference.  Trade organisations, private companies and charities from sectors as diverse as construction, agriculture, theatres, utilities, roofing and waste management, as well as occupational health specialists, committed to a range of projects to promote both worker (and consumer) safety with new, improved processes and procedures, as well as health and wellbeing. 


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Health and Wellbeing Programme Launch at AECOM

In March 2017 AECOM initiated a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme which seeks to raise awareness and knowledge of physical and mental health and wellbeing topics and increase individual responsibility towards their own health. Delivered in 6 – 9 month blocks initiatives include; 


Created by Lindsey Harrison on 29 Nov 2017 08:37

Are You Listening? (RUL) framework campaign

Safety Managers and front-line staff often have a ‘coalface’ view of operations and may be aware of potential risks or threats long before senior executives and Directors. This information can be overlooked, ignored or may not even be voiced to the right people.  The Association of Gas Safety Managers considered how to achieve alignment of executive boards with gas managers and their teams in social housing.


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Health and Safety Culture Change at Eric Wright

The Eric Wright board wanted to implement a culture change improvement plan.  They used the HSL’s climate survey tool to get a feel for the concerns of the management and workforce, which identified that usability of procedures and accident and incident reporting needed addressing. Focus groups and analysis of H&S advisers inspection reports identified Key Risk Areas (KRA’s).  This led to the development of a number of initiatives


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Powering Improvement's occupational health roadmap

Managing occupational ill health risks by raising awareness and prioritising interventions using an interactive online repository of resources.


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Welsh Water's person-centred support for safe, healthy and happy work

Funding medical treatment, promoting healthy lifestyles and creating wellbeing champions.


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Morgan Sindall Group engaging more effectively with workers and supply chain

Tackling ill health by engaging more effectively. Encouraging discussions to improve communication, build relationships, improve understanding, and encourage feedback


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