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Acting Together Steering Group


Statement of Intent

Acting Together

Acting Together is one of the six strategic themes of the strategy for the health and safety system to Help Great Britain Work Well.

Health and safety should not be a responsibility assigned to a particular individual or part of an organisation, but an integral part of everyone’s role. There needs to be much broader ownership of the issues – by the many, not just the few. This means engaging everyone who shares the responsibility for helping Great Britain work well, because they have a vital role in managing risk and preventing damage to individuals, businesses and the economy.

The newly reconstituted CONIAC is an opportunity for key stakeholders in the building, civil engineering and engineering construction industry to come together to help achieve these things, maintain the gains made in safety, and seize the opportunity to give health the same priority.  It will help keep construction workers safe and well, protect members of the public, improve the industry’s productivity, and keep business costs down.

The Steering Group

The Acting Together Steering Group will:

  • Provide leadership and direction for the delivery of HGBWW objectives through the individual themes of each CONIAC Working Group (WG), provide oversight of the WGs’ activities and functions, and ensure that they are informed by the Construction Strategy 2025, the HSE Construction Sector Plan and the objectives of Helping GB Work Well.
  • Advise HSE, relevant OGDs and stakeholders, including the CLC and Strategic Forum for Construction of emerging health and safety developments and risks in the construction industry, and set a direction and plan for their promotion, mitigation and/or remediation as relevant.
  • Take account of wider construction industry agendas ie skills, productivity, efficiency etc to ensure our activity is supportive and complimentary.
  • Consider and decide how each CONIAC WG can promote broader ownership of health and safety across the industry through its representations and associations, actions, interventions and messages.
  • Ensure that CONIAC WGs are representative of the construction industry, directly or in supporting roles.
  • Ensure that improved worker involvement is explicit in the plans for and work of all CONIAC WGs
  • Ensure that improved support for SME and micro businesses is explicit in the plans for and work of all CONIAC WGs
  • Review and endorse plans of work from each CONIAC WG, to ensure that their aims and objectives are relevant, valid, evidence based and align to wider construction industry strategy and agendas.
  • Report the activities and outcomes of CONIAC to the wider Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN) and elsewhere.