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Keeping Pace with Change Working Group


Statement of Intent

Keeping pace with change

Great Britain leads the world in anticipating and tackling the new health and safety challenges that come with social, economic and technological change. To remain a world leader in risk management, Great Britain needs to develop high-quality capability, anticipating the workplace challenges of tomorrow and using the flexibility of our goalsetting approach to solve them in ways that enable innovation and the use of new technologies. Tackling the problems of tomorrow today is a responsible investment that protects workers, enables new and different approaches and provides the new knowledge, skills and expertise Great Britain can share internationally.

The top level aspirations of the Working Group are:

    • Deliver work which supports the HGBWW theme of Keeping Pace With Change that is informed by the Construction Strategy 2025, the HSE Construction Sector Plan and the objectives of Helping GB Work Well.
    • Advise CONIAC, of emerging health and safety developments and risks arising from changes in the construction industry, and where it falls within the groups remit and resources propose a direction and plan for their promotion, mitigation and/or remediation as relevant.
    • Liaise effectively with the other CONIAC working groups and the steering group to achieve the combined aims of CONIAC.
    • Take account of wider construction industry agendas ie skills, productivity, efficiency etc to ensure our activity is supportive and complimentary.
    • Ensure that improved worker involvement is explicit in the plan for and work of the group.
    • Ensure that improved support for SME and micro businesses is explicit in the plans for and work of the keeping pace with change group.
    • Report the activities and outcomes of the working group to the steering group.

The Working Group focus: Keeping pace with change

Keeping pace with change includes awareness of, understanding of, preparation for, involvement in, and reaction to the changes.

We need to keep a balance of these perspectives depending on the topic. Some will require no more than a watching brief while others some direct engagement.

We do not intend to horizon scan but to consider change that is likely to impact on the industry. Equally some elements of change affect different parts of the industry at different times. It is likely we will have to take a balanced view as we consider a range of topics interests and effects.

The topic area of “keeping pace with change” could be almost unlimited giving a focus to the potential areas for consideration is necessary as a starting point. Our two lenses are people and technology.


People face change on a personal, business, societal and cultural level. These interactions all have a potential impact on the health, safety and well-being of the industries’ workforce.


The industry is undergoing a transition into more digital methods of design and alternative methods of construction. This transition potentially creates change in the areas that affect health and safety. It is hoped much of this change will improve health and safety outcomes if this aspect is considered by those making changes.