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Sharing Our Success Working Group - Disbanded

This group has been disbanded following a decision by the ATSG at their meeting on 11/09/2019, "ATSG agreed to sunset the SoS WG and marble the communication requirement through the other groups."  All working groups are now be responsible for their own communication activities.


Statement of Intent

Sharing our success

Everyone can take pride in Great Britain’s world-class reputation for health and safety and promote its success at home and abroad. Creating a world-class system is a goal we can all unite around and benefit from as a source of inspiration and achievement, and can also be pleased to support. The HGBWW strategy has largely concerned itself with improving standards in Great Britain. But we should also look to share best practice and the latest thinking and innovation around GB and the world. This can help influence health and safety systems at home and abroad and make it easier for British businesses to expand into new markets and territories. The work may also bring commercial opportunities for selling British health and safety ‘products’ or consultancy.


  1. Promote examples of how Great Britain’s built environment industry develops and adapts its approach to the elimination and control of risk in order to improve continually the health and safety standards on site.
  2. To inspire and encourage companies of all sizes and complexity and their representative bodies to share good practice in order to inspire and influence others in the sector.
  3. To encourage all built environment companies to continually review their approach to managing risk as they seek to match their performance with the best that industry has to offer.
  4. To capture, promote and share good practice examples arising from the outcomes of the other CONIAC working groups.



  1. To work closely with the other CONIAC working groups, industry bodies and individual companies from across the nations of GB to capture examples of risk management that has resulted in improved health and safety performance on site.
  2. Develop and promote CDM duty-holders’ case studies.
  3. Identify and promote regional initiatives.
  4. To capture and promote initiatives being undertaken by “headline” projects, such as Tideway, HS2, etc.
  5. To use a range of communication channels in order to promote examples of good practice in order to engage and inspire the built environment industry to self-evaluation and improvement.
  6. To ensure that improved worker involvement is explicit in the plan of work for the Sharing our Success WG.


  1. Establish and maintain a working group that is representative of both the industry, regions and “headline” projects.
  2. To create a communications network consisting of web-base, press releases and social media feeds.

Milestones and measures

  1. Establish representative working group by end of 2017
  2. “Publish” CDM case studies by mid 2018
  3. Promotion of best practice feed to start at the beginning of 2018
  4. Have established communications hub by mid 2018


Possible membership

CITB H&S Strategy Lead (Chair)
HSE Policy and Comms Team


Site Safe Scotland
Northern Ireland Safety Group
Welsh Assembly Government
British Retail Consortium
H/S Consultants Forum
Construction Clients Leadership Group
Major Projects representative (HS2, Hinckley etc)
Health and Safety Press representative