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2020 March

16 March, Monday

2019 December

9 December, Monday

  • Sharing Our Success Working Group - Disbanded
    This group has been decommissioned following a decision by the ATSG at their meeting on 11/09/2019, "ATSG agreed to sunset the SoS WG and marble the communication requirement through the other groups." All working groups are now be responsible for their own communication activities.
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2019 November

26 November, Tuesday

2019 March

12 March, Tuesday

2019 February

13 February, Wednesday

2018 December

17 December, Monday

2018 September

26 September, Wednesday

2018 July

17 July, Tuesday

  • External Website Links
    HSE is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of, information on sites that it does not manage; nor should the inclusion of a hyperlink be taken in itself to mean endorsement by the HSE of the site, the site owner, or any specific content to which it points.
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16 July, Monday

  • RIDDOR Risk Profile Tool
    The RIDDOR Risk Profile Tool/Dashboard is a data visualisation of RIDDOR records related to construction, designed to make the data more relevant and easily used by interested parties.
    Location: Community Home Health and Safety Information
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  • Small Businesses and Clients in the Construction Sector
    The majority of fatal incidents involve small businesses, and nearly half of all reported injuries occur in refurbishment activities. Risks on larger projects can be substantial but, generally, large projects are better at controlling risks than most small projects. The purpose of this research was to improve HSE's understanding of smaller businesses' (with <15 employees) who work in the construction sector and clients' (domestic and small commercial) who procure new build, refurbishment, repair and maintenance work from the construction sector regarding their needs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours when it comes to seeking out and using health and safety (H&S) communications and support to enable the effective management and control of risk.
    Location: Community Home Health and Safety Information
    Created by Radha (2 years ago)

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