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Searching the Construction Discussion Forum  
We regularly look to see that the site is easy for members to use. If you wish to search the Construction Discussion Forum, please click on the + symb
by Andrew Maxey
2 2 years ago
by Brian P
How to send a private message to another forum member  
NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR Following the recent upgrade to the forum software some forum members have enquired about the method for sending private mess
by Michael Ryan
0 5 years ago
by Michael Ryan
CDM Welfare arrangements  
hi all, We have been told that the welfare facilities need to be a 'reasonable distance' from the site under the CDM regs. Does anyone have any idea
by Alex1234
7 6 hours ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
Principal Contractor client  
I have a client who has purchased a plot of land, he has contracted a construction company to build a warehouse on the land; I discussed the matter wi
by Barry
3 10 hours ago
by John Anderson
Domestic or commercial client?  
I am a resident in a block of flats, we own it share of freehold so run the maintenence ourselves (fortunately), we do it via a limited company we for
by DT
4 12 hours ago
by Barry
Hi all, We have recently had a H&S site report that said "Welfare facilities not adequate, no hot water in porta loo". We have hot water in our on si
by gbravington1994
1 12 hours ago
by Frank
Induction Videos  
Hi All, I work as a Technical and Training Specialist for a company that manufacturers PPE above the neck protection. We predominately produce safety
by Chris Tidy
3 5 days ago
by Frank
Manual Handling and Working At Height Competency  
Hi everyone, I am very new to H&S and I currently have the responsibility for ensuring all the subs we use pass a competency assessment for us. One o
by gbravington1994
10 11 days ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
HSE? waste of space  
i recently contacted the HSE regarding both unsafe working conditions on a site and to inform them there were 2 accidents, one was very serious where
by barry hewitt
13 3 weeks ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
CDM 2015 Actual empirical evidence that it isnt working  
Hello All I have been privileged to be in an almost unique position which has enabled me to assess the quality of health and safety provision and the
by Bill Sowerbutts
41 5 weeks ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
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