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Health and saftey

JohnJohn11 8 months ago   Reply


My company is due to start a job in 2 months. We already made the arrangements on site (site welfare, security, 1st aid kit) The only problem I have is that the scaffolding company needs to start a month before we start (us PC) I keep going back and forth with the scaffolding company that due to the fact they are the only subcontractor on site they need to deal with site health and safety (1st aider on site and supervisor) they keep coming back to me that is the PC responsibility to offer a 1st aider and supervision all the time. Can someone give me an advice?

PP Construction Safety Ltd 8 months ago   Reply
JohnJohn11 What does it say in your written appointment as PC by the client? What has the client / PD put in the pre-construction information? CDM 2015 client and PD duties are intended to provide clarity on such issues.
Clare 8 months ago   Reply

Johnjohn, is the scaffolding needed as part of the overall project for which you will be acting as PC? And did you appoint the scaffolder in question? If so then the "project" had already commenced, meaning you are responsible as the PC.  Unless the works are entirely separate to that of your own of course, then it's a different matter. Best wishes