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demolition, principal contractor

Barry Hewitt 8 months ago   Reply

on a new project the existing houses are being demolished to make way for new houses.  presumably the demolition firm will be the PC until the old buildings are gone.  at what point is the PC tranferred from demo to construction?


JimD 8 months ago   Reply

You say presumably the demolition company will be the PC. Presuming something at this stage in the project doesn't bode well. What does the Safety Plan say about the matter or indeed the client or indeed the PD? You shouldn't be in this position, it needs sorting. The hand over from demolition to construction needs to be well documented so that the information sent to HSE can be modified.

Liz Bennett 8 months ago   Reply


I worry that you are in a pickle here.

Demolition is construction work. It is part of a project where there are likely to be more than two contractors at some stage and so a PD and PC exist. Unless and until the client appoints another firm to take on those roles it is the client who holds those positions. In other words CDM has already provided you with a PD and PC and it sounds as if the client has done nothing nad so retains these duties.

You have a role as a designer or a contractor. Either way you have a duty to be sure that the client understands his duties and this needs to be a conversation with all the different options explained to the client.

From the small amount of info you provide I would have suggested at the very outset that the demotion contractor should be PD and PC for the demolition phase and then these roles should be passed on to those who will be develping the new structure with a sesnible passing on of information too.

Mail me directly if you want to discuss in more detail.

Always remember that your main goal is to minimse the chance of any harm occurring whatever position you hold. THIs can influence qwho is best placed to take on statutory roles.