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Servicing/Testing in Purpose built flats

gbravington1994 4 months ago   Reply

Hi all,


I am trying to find information regarding all testing/servicing requirements in purpose built flats. 

So far I have found legislation regarding emergency lighting which states monthly inspections are required by a "competent" person and then annual testing is required and to be certificated. Is this correct?

What other testing/servicing is required and how often and by who?

I am aware fire detection and emergency systems also require testing/servicing but not sure how often. Also would this only apply to fire detection and emergency systems in the communal areas or would the fire detection in the flats also be required to be tested/serviced? 


Tim D 3 months ago   Reply


All Engineering services installations, fixed equipment and safety provisions will need to be inspected and tested. This can be as prescribed in legislation, codes of practice, Standards, Guidance or Manufacturers/Installers recommendations, an alteration to the installation/provision , a change in premises use or an event.

Inspections and Testing should be carried out by someone with the compatible skills, knowledge, experience and training (competence). The recipients of the outputs from the inspection and testing equally should have the skills, knowledge, experience and training necessary to understand the significance of the recommendations and any actions required and urgency.

You mention Fire Protection, and some will require variously daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks/inspection/Testing. A system is only as strong as the weakest link. A caretaker with basic observational skills and training will be able to perform basic visual checks, is a sign illuminated, is a light glowing red or green, is an escape route unobstructed, is a fire door open/shut and such like.

The requirement for detection in flats would be determined by the Fire Strategy (Design) for the premises and the degree of Fire Engineering used (this often balances provision); the ownership, occupancy and characteristics/fire load of a flat will be factors. The Landlord is likely to determine the in-flat provision for a tenant. If you own the leasehold then perhaps you have what you have.