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HSE Connect 2019 Accident Frequency Rates

tinny123 2 months ago   Reply

Hi went to the HSE connect this year and they were talking about trade specific Accident Frequency rates being released to allow us to measure the sub trades within the construction rather than relying on the Industry to Industry comparison. Has anyone any news on this ?

Tim D 2 months ago   Reply


I believe the data sets that feeds in to the HSE Statistics can be found at:

Most seems by Industry, some by trade... all by trade; I'm not seeing that.

I envisage that collecting data at that level of detail must be quite involved and prone to unreliability.. is a Joiner simply someone who claims to be a Joiner. some aspects of trades have been deskilled; some aspects are beyond the ability of the average. Are other factors more relevant than the trade itself the cause.

..It seems quite specialised arena and I envisage the layers of analysis increase exponentially with the complexity of the Inquiry. It seems to involve lots of clever people, lots of computing power and be generally quite expensive.

Good luck!

David C 2 months ago   Reply

Safety performance reporting and injury reporting is probably one of the most safety clutter tasks in a business. So much time is wasted by safety managers crunching numbers, designing fancy tables and graphs and not focusing on the reasons why the injury rates increase.

Safety managers should be proactive with these issues; to reduce the injury rates in our business, we are going to do this, and this is how we're going to do it. Time spent being operational in implementing a safety strategy outways time wasted juggling numbers which only makes themselves look good.


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