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Searching the Construction Discussion Forum

Andrew Maxey 5 years ago   Reply

We regularly look to see that the site is easy for members to use. If you wish to search the Construction Discussion Forum, please click on the + symbol to expand the 'This Community' link on the top left-hand side of each page.  In the drop down list you will then find 'Search this Community'. Clicking on this will take you through to the following page from where you can type in your search term eg keyword or name of an individual member/poster etc. 

If you have found other features of the site that may be useful to new members feel free to point these out. We would also be interested to hear any feedback on what you like and dislike about the discussion forum.


Modified by Andrew Maxey (5 years ago)
Service Master 4 years ago   Reply


Brian P 3 years ago   Reply

Hi, is it possible to sort the 'search this community' results by date? Thanks, Brian