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Searching the Construction Discussion Forum  
We regularly look to see that the site is easy for members to use. If you wish to search the Construction Discussion Forum, please click on the + symb
by Andrew Maxey
2 3 years ago
by Brian P
How to send a private message to another forum member  
NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR Following the recent upgrade to the forum software some forum members have enquired about the method for sending private mess
by Michael Ryan
0 6 years ago
by Michael Ryan
Single Contractor Project Notification?  
On a single Contractor Project planned for over 500 person days, is Notification of Project (F10) required? If so, does the Project also require appo
by Lindsay
2 3 days ago
by Alpha
Workplace Safety Laws  
Recently, while scrolling through my Twitter, I came across this tweet that made me stop and think. There are workplace safety laws that make first-ai
by Jen McDade
1 10 days ago
by safetylady
Reduce the severity in a risk assessment.  
Hi All After reviewing a set of contractors RAMS, I questioned why the severity score wasn't reduced, after the control measures were implemented. T
by mjmcq
1 10 days ago
by safetylady
Acceptable levels of alcohol at work.  
My view is that any alcohol in the human body may be detrimental to the safety of individuals. We have a zero tolerance policy within our company (con
by Andy Campion
0 3 weeks ago
by Andy Campion
Fire equipment - Suitable signage  
I am recently new to my role in Health & Safety in construction and been reading over CDM. When it details that we must have fire preventing equipmen
by Cread
2 4 weeks ago
by Jen McDade
Getting the Message re CDM 2015  
People of this forum I have raised this before but do again because another year has lapsed. Yesterday I was asked for the second time this week if
by Bill Sowerbutts
2 4 weeks ago
by peter gotch
CDM 2015 Principal Contractors  
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum so please be patient with me. We're architects currently acting as principal designer on a relatively small convers
by Arch85
5 4 weeks ago
by peter gotch
Small Businesses and Health and Safety  
Hello everyone I am going too raise again a subject that has been much on my mind this summer. From contractors who fail to notify to small contract
by Bill Sowerbutts
27 5 weeks ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
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