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RRFSO - Fire regs

Cheese 5 years ago   Reply

The responsible person in our office has delegated me the task of ensuring all fire extinguishers are adequate/serviced, checking escape routes are not blocked, organising fire drills etc.  My question is - the responsible person can go to prison, in a worst case scenario, if they don't comply with their duties and a say a fire and fatality occur.  If I mess up, are those consequences 'delegated' to me or do they stay with the responsible person?  I can handle getting fired for messing up but I don't fancy prison!

PT 5 years ago   Reply

To Cheese - I like cheddar !

The responsible person (RP) can delegate duties to you; but his overriding responsibilty to keep employees and members of the public safe  remian with him as the person controlling activites

Your duites as an individual would fall under Article 23 of RRFSO 05 which in short is almost equivilent to Reg 7 HASWA 74 

For you to carry out you duties the RP would need to ensure you have sufficent training as an absolute minimun - Fire Warden Training or if their is actually nobody on site within any real knowledge consider the Nebosh Fire & Risk Management cert

I have completed this course with Dist good course which would equip you with most of tools you would need

here are some links that will help you


jon emmony 5 years ago   Reply

He can delegate the task to you, but not his liability under the law.

Cheese 5 years ago   Reply

Thank you both.  Very helpful.