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Lone Working Help Please

mickatkinson 11 months ago   Reply


I work for a company and we have to work alone at times in premises, we have a check in procedure and a back to base procedure as well.  My question is what steps should I take if we do not get a response back from one of our guys.  They work all over the country and we cant just nip out to see if they are ok.  Do I get the emergencey services to attend site or is this over the top?  I'd really appreciate some help here please.

The work is low risk but we need to allow for the possibility that this might happen one day.




MB 11 months ago   Reply
Hi, I'm not 100% with this, but I have worked in a few roles , one of which was with vulnerable people who went n residentials so could be out walking til 1/2am, we used to pick a point of call, say before the walk and it was agreed that if they didn't hear back by xxx time, that it needed to be flagge up. depending on the circumstances, obviously you need to follow common sense, and mainly the company policy? ie do you work for a huge company who has other bases or are you a smaller company with limited resource and the descisions fall to you ? I was initially say do you have risk assessments which tell employees what to do in an emergency - do they know the cut off times? and do you have a code word that they can ring and ask for 'bernadette' when they need to tell you something is wrong without saying it out loud? do you have an agreement that if they do not call you with eg in 3/4 hours of a job ending, that youll have to log an emergency call? do you have next of kins contact details, maybe more than 1, someone that you can liase with in case they have lost their phone etc, or rush home and straight out for a family meal ? or if they have had a crash and have been taken to the hospital, their family member may already have been notified ? but yea if you have agreed all of this, in risk assesments with the individual, and they know that you will ultimately have to call an emergency, they should always ring in, and when it is an emergency, it wont be a false alarm. do you have a health and safety team who deals with this ? or an out of hours team ? if not, I would look at trackers, on phones or even pagers so you know where the person is, and if you set that time of not hearing from someone and it passes, yes I would ring 111 and report it.
Bill Sowerbutts 11 months ago   Reply
A little more on the nature of your business please Mick?