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Telehandler operations

Tele Daz 2 months ago   Reply

Hi everyone,

i'm new to this so bare with me

I'm currently working on a 'new build' housing construction site as an telescopic handler.

I have 2 issues, their is NO 'traffic management' on site, NO official route for 'plant machinery', NO segregation from other employees thus i nearly ran over the site labourer on a tight/blind bend, an excavator driver suddenly turned without warning missing me by about an inch!! The 'site' entrance which takes all vehicles and pedestrians to the welfare is the only route onto the 'main site (no segregation) a van very nearly had a pack of block on him as there is a double blind spot at this entrance, so on so on. I have reported my concerns but fallen on deaf ears what else can i do??!!

The second issue i have: although i have loading bays to use the bricklayers ect wish me to boom over this into the main void of the building to unload, the issue i have is i can't see the end of my forks/load due to the scaffold/brick guards so i can't see the operatives either!! I have reported this but told 'get on with it' !!

I have been driving these machines for over 5 years and know my stuff, i have never worked on a site like this!!

What can i do apart from leave??!! 

andrew.kaye 8 weeks ago   Reply
I there I know it's probably not what you want to hear be I suggest you report to the HSE
J Biddle 8 weeks ago   Reply

I am surprised that this hasn't been commented upon by other (more experienced) members of the community, but since 4 days have passed I'll try to kick things off.

If you have raised legitimate concerns with the Site Manager and been ignored, then you will need to escalate your concerns to others in the company head office. All offices and sites must show a H&S Law poster naming the person responsible for H&S. The person responsibile for H&S should also be referred to in the Construction H&S File.

You might also want to check the company's Whistleblowing policy, since your Site Manager might not like you going above his head and reporting things. The Whistleblowing policy should set out how the company encourages personnel to raise legitimate concerns and protects those who do so.

Good luck and well done for raising these matters.

Tim D 8 weeks ago   Reply


..Whilst counter-intuitive your best option is to leave.. your tolerance will make it difficult for those that follow. Each day that an intolerant  Plant operator leaves will bring the resolution one day closer..You can report anonymously to the HSE and photo evidence will say more than words.

Hopefully better opportunities ahead for you.



Allan 7 weeks ago   Reply

You must have a traffic management plan and you must segregate pedestrians from the traffic .I would advise that  you also have a people plant interface in operation whereby you segregate wokers from machines that are working by a barrier. Thisis to prevent anyfrom being clobbered by a machine  You need to have a word with your safety /manager /advisor pronto. Accident waiting to happen

Wally Lishman 7 weeks ago   Reply

Good comments below, from my esteemed colleagues in safety. If you haven't left yet, I would have said to you, not report it to the Company but to the Principle Designer as he/she shouldn't be able to fob you off with company politics due to their legal responsibility. If your safety advisor's are not taking any notice all you can do is keep escalating it up. Site Manager, H&S team, PD, HSE. you should get a response from one of them??


Don't give up, if you do mangle someone it could, in theory, be you doing the time, alongside the Site Manager of course!

Allan 7 weeks ago   Reply

Where is your traffic management plan? Are you not aware of CDM? Sounds as if your company requires a visit from the HSE. I wouldn't tolerate my construction areas if they had no traffic/pedestrian segregation/plan etc