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Medical equipment installations and CDM 2015

Big Dave 1 year ago   Reply


I would be interested in people's views as to how CDM 2015 should be interpreted in relation to the installation of x-ray equipment, CT scanners, MRI scanners etc into rooms prepared by others.

There are elements of attaching ceiling rails to pre-installed unistrut ceilings and fixing base plates to the floor using mechanical fixings but the majority of the work is assembly within the room.

Thanks in advance.

Tim D 1 year ago   Reply

Big Dave

Your friend CDM2015 applies: The scenarios you paint would involve construction work and you will be a small part of a much larger team delivering the medical imaging project of whichever type.


MKF 1 year ago   Reply

Sorry big Dave,


Just received this back saying undelivered.  Hope not too late.

Points to consider for starters:

  • Route for equipment to location – door opening sizes adequate.
  • Unloading area and route clear of staff and patients – controlled access.
  • Pull-out testing of fixings carrying load.
  • Strength of floors at location and along route. (Temporary works required? Protection of floors)
  • Lifting operations/manual handling controls?
  • The RF cage containing the magnet and some peripheral areas adjacent to it may be subject to a magnetic field strength in excess of 0.5 mT.  This could adversely affect devices such as heart pacemakers and equipment that utilises magnetic fields such as cathode ray tubes.
  • The installation not to proceed until the RF cage has been built and a certificate issued.
  • Work at height controls.
  • Check for services in floor before drilling.
  • Screening of floors walls and ceiling in place for radiation barrier.
  • Location of relief vent, exclusion zones and access for maintenance.
  • Operatives with pacemakers etc. excluded.
  • Loose metal objects removed.
  • EMF risk?
  • Controlled access procedure in place before use.

Hope this helps.