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Site Safety This Winter

silbchris 2 months ago   Reply

Morning everyone,

Just wanted to check in and see what plans where for site safety as the weather has started to get colder. Sourcing rock salt is always an issue in my location, so I like to buy in bulk.

What is the forum's thoughts on suppliers and gearing up in time for winter?

Thanks, Chris

Sadie West 4 weeks ago   Reply

Hi Chris,

I've been searching on management software to help in data back-up, probably work from home options for some employees, as for this kind of situation, technology is pretty much reliable. Although there are many areas to look at, would like to talk about this one specifically. Also in-depth checks on site safety managers, the proper work wear, the removal of safety hazards due to the season immediately as to not cause trouble, etc. 

Hope you're all safe out there!