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Searching the Construction Discussion Forum  
We regularly look to see that the site is easy for members to use. If you wish to search the Construction Discussion Forum, please click on the + symb
by Andrew Maxey
2 3 years ago
by Brian P
How to send a private message to another forum member  
NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR Following the recent upgrade to the forum software some forum members have enquired about the method for sending private mess
by Michael Ryan
0 6 years ago
by Michael Ryan
Qualification requirements for digging holes and excavations?  
Quick question. With regards to using Permit To Digs etc and the guidance relating to buried services in HSG47. Is there any recognised qualificatio
by johng
3 2 hours ago
by Frank
Proving Competence in Working At Height & Manual Handling  
Hi all, I assess the contractors we are potentially going to be using for our jobs on our sites and on the form I use it asks about proof of Manual H
by gbravington1994
1 8 hours ago
by Alpha
Face Fitting  
Ok so before I start, know that I do face fit tests and either the mask fits or it doesn't and some folk really doing even know how to make those fit
by Bill Sowerbutts
1 yesterday at 12:25
by Frank
Minimum requirements  
I am trying to ascertain from a health and safety perspective are labourers allowed to oversee a site in the site managers absence? If so are there a
by Kirsty
2 2 days ago
by Jen McDade
Please help on this one I have a client who employed a self employed plumber who tripped on an uneven floor, had an accident which turned out to be a
by Bill Sowerbutts
30 6 days ago
by KC
Health & Safety employee's opting out!!!  
Hi first time using this forum, I need some urgent advice please. I am over the Health & Safety for the Company, I introduced Health Surveillance last...
by Margaret - Systems Manager
9 7 days ago
by Jonathan Cramp Coastal Permits
Small Businesses and Health and Safety  
Hello everyone I am going too raise again a subject that has been much on my mind this summer. From contractors who fail to notify to small contract
by Bill Sowerbutts
19 7 days ago
by Jen McDade
Safety Solutions  
I was wondering if the available or upcoming advanced technology based safety devices and solutions are worth to provide safety and avoid accidents in
by Jen McDade
0 8 days ago
by Jen McDade
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