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Searching the Construction Discussion Forum  
We regularly look to see that the site is easy for members to use. If you wish to search the Construction Discussion Forum, please click on the + symb
by Andrew Maxey
3 2 months ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
How to send a private message to another forum member  
NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR Following the recent upgrade to the forum software some forum members have enquired about the method for sending private mess
by Michael Ryan
0 7 years ago
by Michael Ryan
Competencies for Site Managers  
I am looking, in the absence of anything definitive, for the consensus of opinion on the minimum competency standard for a Site Manager. In particula
by Steve H
6 2 hours ago
by Frank
Cscs card  
Hello.... I need some help. I have a NVQ Level2 diploma and I trying to get the blue card but they told me the CITB Health and Safety is expired but m
by Dave
1 3 hours ago
by Safet
Wearing a hard hat on a roof.  
Hi there It has been brought up whilst on site numerous times, and no one is able to agree or give a straight answer. Is there health and safety leg
by prothos
13 5 days ago
by mickfinney
Servicing/Testing in Purpose built flats  
Hi all, I am trying to find information regarding all testing/servicing requirements in purpose built flats. So far I have found legislation regardi
by gbravington1994
0 6 days ago
by gbravington1994
CDM 2015 Legislation  
I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a small general builder, 2 men and a Fox Terrier, regarding CDM 2015. "Yes" he said he had looked a
by Ken Cain
9 7 days ago
by Frank
Domestic Clients and CDM 2015  
It is a myth to think that all domestic clients are exempt from complying with CDM 2015. A domestic client who controls the way in which any construct
by Ken Cain
33 7 days ago
by Liz Bennett
CDM 2015 - PD Role  
Sirs As an architectural technician usually I am appointed by domestic clients to do the design, gain planning then building regs then hand over to t
by TommyStout
3 7 days ago
by Liz Bennett
Contract Lift  
Hi all I'm looking for some advice. On site today with a contract lift going on using a 300t mobile. All documents in place but the crane set up off
by Grumpyoldgit70
6 7 days ago
by Safet
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